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Does Fafsa Cover Rent

For example, if you want to rent an off-campus apartment for $15,000 per year, and your financial aid only covers $10,000 per year, you'll have to pay the remainder out of pocket. If you are unsure of the cost of attendance or what your financial aid will cover, there are two resources on campus. Also question is, can fafsa pay for housing? Yes. Will FAFSA cover living expenses? FAFSA does not cover anything. It is merely the Free application to try and obtain federal aid.

If you are truly economically deprived you may be eligible for a Pell Grant. Otherwise almost everyone who fills out a FAFSA correctly (including information from your parents) will be eligible for Federal Direct Loans. The simple answer is yes, financial aid can be used to cover the costs of off-campus housing. Financial aid is awarded by your college after you file your FAFSA®. Once your FAFSA® has been submitted to your school, you’ll be sent a financial aid offer. This can include grants, scholarships, and federal loans and is used to cover the cost of.

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